Introduction of Fuefuki Wine Association

Fuefuki City boasts the largest harvest of peaches and grapes in Japan. Due to the thriving cultivation of grapes, which is the raw material for wine, in 2006, the Fuefuki City Wine Association was established the year after the merger of the municipalities. It is a progressive wine association that is very cooperative and family-oriented with various forms of wine making.

11 companies that are members of the Fuefuki City Wine Association
Yatsushiro Brewery Co., Ltd., Yahagi Western Liquor Co., Ltd., Hikawa Chuo Grape, Honbo Brewery Co., Ltd. Yamanashi Mars Winery, Monde Brewery Co., Ltd., Alps Wine Co., Ltd., Kitanoro Brewery Co., Ltd., Suzuran Brewery ( ), New Yamanashi Wine Brewing Co., Ltd., Fuefuki Wine Co., Ltd., Lumiere Co., Ltd.